Templo para los dioses del Olympo
Concurso 24hrs [2017]

We consider the God’s Universe, as a three level space. One on the top for the God’s Temples (C.), in the middle is the Great Hall for the Council of the Gods (A.) and in the lowest level is the Human World (B.). Each of the God’s Temple façade it’s an individual exhibition for the personal abilities and character. The interior is a chaotic representation of nonsense of the gods personalities, in the exterior they show the iconic image that everyone want to see, but the inside is used for the personal recreation and can be who they really are with all the worldly and banal things they are fascinate from the human world. The middle grid, is a representation of the order they want to impose to the human world. It’s an abstraction of the Mount Olympus, the site they use to gather together and decide the fate of our world which is being towed by them through space and time.

Rafael Cubillo Bravo