Here to stay
Concurso 120hrs [2015]

The objective of the project is the preservation and freezing of Pyramiden in a moment.

Taking Pyramiden architecture as irreplaceable, since this is the result of a unique human activity. In the case of Svalbard in wich territory spread 2,500 people over 65000km2. It has a certain historical and cultural relevance on the architectural interventions carried out in the territory.

Pyramiden also have the specificity of being a town created by and for a mining company, ARKTIKUGOL. It was designed and thought to be self-sucient, thanks to that it reached nearly 1,000 population.

Result of the lack of profitability of the mine, the people were evicted in 48 hours leaving these remains as witness the departure of its neighbors and thus leaving, stopping that date forever.

They're enough reasons to understand the value of this object (Pyramiden). And it should be kept in their integrity as a respect for the past. Considering architecture as part of a poetic and ideal environment. In this respect for authenticity and trying to keep this temporary and instantaneous value, Pyramiden is trapped within a controlled space. Where is safeguarded from external agents that allows its deterioration and destroy their cultural heritage.

This dome is a complex system whose porpouse is to solve problems, the improvement and the sustainability of environment. This geodesic dome, patented by Buckminster Fuller, can hold its own weight without limit, covering the maximum area with the minimum material. It will run as the original, with aluminum tubing and vinyl.

It would be made-up by platonic solids,with its consequent reading as sacred geometries that protects a piece understood as a monument erected in honor of a city that no longer exists as such.

Rafael Cubillo Bravo